14th Annual
Film Festival & Horror Con



Graphics/Design: Kevin Byrd


This year’s Tucson Terrorfest Horror Convention will be held at 191 Toole

A table for the Saturday Oct 26th and Sunday Oct 27th 2024 is $80
Reserve your table now!

1. One (1) 6′ by 2′ Table
2. Two (2) Chairs
3. Ask if you need electrical outlets

If you need more table space, or if you have any other questions email us at xutucson@gmail.com

Vendor Policies

1. Vendors are allowed to bring their own backdrop, but must not interfere with adjoining vendors. Vendors are responsible for any extension cords or other necessary supplies needed to get electricity to your table.

2. Vendors are solely responsible for the actions of their workers, volunteers, and Tucson Terrorfest will not be held accountable.

3. Vendors are not allowed to share space. Each vendor must pay for their own space.

4. Tucson Terrorfest does not endorse any vendors or exhibitors beliefs, actions, views, merchandise or exhibits. Vendors are their own business entity and do not represent Tucson Terrorfest.

5. No graphic nudity, pornographic material, drug paraphernalia, or weapons of any kind. Any vendor found in violation will be immediately removed from the show.

6. Vendor spaces must be manned at all times. Tucson Terrorfest will not be held responsible for loss or damage to vendor property.

7. Any props, pipe and drape, signs, merchandise racks or other free standing equipment must be contained within the vendors purchased space and must not block other vendor spaces or exits as deemed necessary by the venue and Tucson Terrorfest.

8. Vendor purchases are not refundable for any reason. Should you not be able to attend it is your responsibility to fill the space and notify Tucson Terrorfest of the changes. You may sell your space to another vendor if unable to attend.