13th Annual
Film Festival & Horror Con



Graphics/Design: Kevin Byrd

Sweet Dreams

Thursday October 19th 7:30pm at The Screening Room 127 E. Congress

World Premiere!

A group of young girls get a new roommate who forces them to deal with their own inner demons, literally. SARAH, the new roommate, has brought along the poltergeist of her
overbearing Christian MOTHER, who not only haunts the girl’s dreams, but soon their waking lives as well. STEPHANIE, the alpha of the friends JESS and KAT, instantly has a
connection to Sarah who shares the same self inflicted cuts on her wrists as well as an over active sex drive.

While Sarah attempts to become part of the group she finds it harder and harder to hold back her deadly Mother. The deadly Mother who comes out of Sarah’s vagina as a black
slime that kills anyone Sarah has sexual contact with. With Stephanie’s help, Sarah begins to cope with her issues, although not in the healthiest of ways. Sarah begins to drink and
cut herself in order to quiet the voice of her Mother in her head.

103 min, USA, 2023
Directed by Grant Nelson
Cast: Maria Olsen, Sara Mirasola, Kelsey Reinhard