13th Annual
Film Festival & Horror Con



Graphics/Design: Kevin Byrd


Sunday October 22nd 5pm at The Screening Room 127 E. Congress

Les Hackel is a guy down on his luck who wakes to find an explosive device has been implanted in his neck. He must carry out heinous crimes in order to stay alive while trying to identify the mastermind manipulating the now twisted and strange world around him. With Jordan Peele, James Marsters, Sid Haig, Christopher McDonald, Robert Englund

“One of the best horror movies of 2023” – whatculture.com

ABRUPTIO (Official Trailer) from Evan Marlowe on Vimeo.

94 min, USA, 2023
Directed by Evan Marlowe
Cast: Jordan Peele, James Marsters, Sid Haig, Robert Englund